KD Funds becomes the general sponsor of the Tina Mrak and Veronika Macarol Sailing Team

KD Funds, the first Slovenian asset management company, signed up to cooperation with the two superb Slovenian sailors for the period up to 2020. Sailing is a sport marked by excellence, long-term focus, passion, winning, and team spirit. These are exactly the values subscribed to by KD Funds.

Luka Podlogar, the President of the Management Board of KD Funds, says: “Sponsorship at the top level of sport is certainly bringing advantages to all parties involved, such as reputation, respect and – the most important of all – support for athletes who can set an example to us all through their conduct, devotion, passion and perseverance. We are proud about concluding cooperation with a team as excellent as Tina, Veronika and Tomaž. We hope our support will help them reach their goal, which is to win the Olympic gold medal.”

Tina Mrak-Veronika Macarol Sailing Team (photo: Bor Dobrin)

For the third consecutive year KD Funds has won the prestigious World Finance award for best investment management company in Slovenia

KD Funds also won the award in 2015 and 2016, convinced the panel with both its long-standing achievements – the company is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year – as well as its results for last year, notably through the quality of its service, management performance, care for investors and risk exposure management. The judging panel has been presenting the awards since 2007, celebrating the very best companies in the industry with the ability to outperform the market, offer exceptional customer support and generate returns for their investors.

Investment Management Awards recognise companies making the most significant progress, thereby contributing to the industry’s development through their achievement, innovation and overall brilliance. The size of a company is not relevant, what counts is its business and professional performance. This year, Investment Management Awards were presented to companies that proved themselves agile last year, even in an ever changing economic climate.

“KD Funds is the oldest Slovenian management company, building long-term relations with investors based on trust and loyalty. The many domestic and international awards we have won are mostly recognition of our past efforts, the high quality of our investment management, products and services as well as the excellence and expertise of the company and its teams. The World Finance award places us on the map of the very best management companies, whilst also motivating us to set even higher goals. It confirms our belief that a key advantage in a rapidly changing business environment is the ability to adapt to changes quickly”, says Luka Podlogar, President of the Management Board of KD Funds.

All winners are listed in the July–August edition of World Finance, and at: https://www.worldfinance.com/awards/investment-management-awards-2017.

KD Funds – Best Management Company with best Fund Manager

Aleš Lokar received four Zvezdonos awards for management of the KD Galileo and KD Rastko funds in three- and five-year periods. Two other members of the managers’ team of KD Funds, the best management company, were ranked among the top 11 managers in Slovenia: David Zorman (4th place) and Primož Cencelj (8th place).

KD Funds, the first management company in Slovenia established in 1994, also manages the first Slovenian mutual fund, KD Galileo. From its very beginnings, KD Funds has been committed to the highest standards of excellence, as confirmed by the many awards presented both in Slovenia and abroad.
This year’s highest award – five stars – went to the following winning funds:

for a three-year period:
• KD MM, money market – EUR.
• KD Galileo, mixed – global flexible.
• KD First Selection, equity – global.
• KD Rastko, equity – European.

for a five-year period:
• KD MM, money market – EUR.
 KD Bond, bond – European.
• KD Galileo, mixed – global flexible.
• KD First Selection, equity – global.
• KD Rastko, equity – European.
• KD New Markets, equity – emerging markets.

Luka Podlogar, President of the Management Board of KD Funds, is genuinely happy about the new awards: “We have proven once more that we are on the right track. Our focus is on our customers and the returns we yield, and the awards simply testify to the excellence of our fund management team. We have been achieving this thanks to our professional and high-quality management, which is the core of all our endeavours. Our customers recognise this. Our goal for the future is to remain the leading management company in Slovenia and the region. We will do our utmost to justify the trust placed in us by our investors.”

One of the awards went to KD Galileo, the first and oldest Slovenian mutual fund that this year is celebrating its 25th anniversary. This pioneering fund successfully paved the way in the Slovenian fund market. From 1 January 1992 till today, it has been trusted by over 52,000 investors, and with the current EUR 125 million assets under management it is the third largest mutual fund in Slovenia. In the 25 years of its operation, the fund has seen and been part of the Slovenian capital market development, the rise of capital markets as well as the financial crisis and the gradual recovery.

Today, the KD Galileo global mixed flexible fund is one of the 16 subfunds of the KD Umbrella Fund. Its excellence in asset management has been affirmed with numerous domestic and international awards.

KD Galileo is managed by Aleš Lokar, who has 20 years’ experience in finance. He worked as an analyst, asset manager and stockbroker for the BPH and PM&A stockbroking companies. From 2005, he was employed as an asset manager in the KD BPD stockbroking company. Since March 2008, he has been Senior Portfolio Manager at KD Funds. He is in charge of managing our two oldest and biggest funds, KD Galileo and KD Rastko, as well as KD Dividend.

PRESS RELEASE: KD Funds strengthens its position in the region by acquiring a qualifying holding in Locusta Invest, d. o. o., Croatia

Through these activities, KD Funds is further strengthening its regional position, in pursuit of its strategy to become a leading asset management company in the region of South-East Europe (SEE). KD Funds, Ljubljana is one of the top Slovenian management companies. In 2014, the magazine Moje finance recognised it as the management company with the largest number of “top funds” over three- and five-year periods. At the end of 2014 KD Funds was managing the KD Umbrella Fund with its 14 subfunds. Four management companies of the Group KD Group operate outside of Slovenia, managing a total of 11 investment funds, including five mutual funds in Croatia, four mutual funds in Macedonia, and two closed-end investment funds in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Total assets managed by the management companies owned by KD Group, d. d., amount to over EUR 715 million, of which EUR 630 million worth of assets are in Slovenia.

KD Funds – the management company with the highest number of “top funds” within the last three and five years according to the Moje finance magazine

In Slovenia 250 funds are marketed by 17 different providers. KD Funds is the management company that has been presented with the highest number of awards to date. This year’s winners with the best rating, i.e. five stars, include:

  • KD RASTKO, the best European equity fund in the last three years,
  • KD NEW MARKETS, the best emerging markets equity fund in the last three years,
  • KD MM, the best money market – EUR fund in the last five years,
  • KD EASTERN EUROPE, the best European emerging markets equity fund in the last three and five years,
  • KD INDIA – CHINA, the best Asia and Oceania emerging markets equity fund in the last three and five years,
  • KD BALKANS, the best Balkans equity fund in the last three and five years.
    As many as four KD Funds managers ranked among the best managers in the last three-year period, namely Luka Flere (3rd place), Sašo Šmigić (7th place), Aleš Lokar (8th place) and Primož Cencelj (12th place). Sašo Šmigić has consistently ranked on the best managers chart throughout the five-year period in which the Moje finance magazine has been presenting its awards. The main criterion for the best manager is their knowledge and/or the so-called ‘information indicator’, which shows by how much the manager has exceeded the relevant benchmark characterised by the same investment structure and risk. In the latter category, i.e. exceeding our own benchmark, KD Funds has been evaluated as the best management company; in a three-year period we exceeded the relevant benchmark with 10 out of the 11 assessed subfunds, and in a five year-period we did this with four of our subfunds.Luka Podlogar, President of the Management Board of KD Funds, says: “The awards along with the performance rates yielded by our funds testify to our team’s excellence in management, which makes us very proud. We are aware how important high-quality management is and are determined to do our best to justify the trust of our investors in the future, too.”

    (from left to right: Primož Cencelj, Aleš Lokar, Luka Podlogar, Grega Meden, Sašo Šmigić, Luka Flere)

    The Moje finance selection has been performed for five consecutive years. This year the magazine focused on 248 funds marketed in Slovenia (for three- and five-year periods) and awarded them stars for their achievements; 11 KD Funds subfunds were rewarded. The Best Fund Manager award went to David Zorman already in 2010, and to Primož Cencelj in 2013, both representing KD Funds. KD Funds was also recognised as the best management company in 2013. The aim of presenting the stars is to help investors choose from among the numerous funds marketed in Slovenia. The many awards presented to KD Funds by the Moje finance magazine are proof of our excellence and expertise.

Lower management fee for the KD MM, Money Market – EUR subfund as of 1 January 2015

The KD MM money market fund is an alternative to bank deposits, entailing investments in deposits of the best and safest banks as well as money market instruments. If you are looking for security and liquidity but are dissatisfied with the interest given on bank deposits, a money market fund is the right choice for you.

KD Funds calls out to bold teams across Slovenia for the second year running!

We have experienced 82 exciting competition days: final voting closed on 21 November, and on Monday, 24 November 2014, we announced the winner at a ceremony held at the Vivo Catering premises in Ljubljana. The winner of the Everything=Possible! competition is the Calypso project, and the winning idea of the Enterprise challenge, rewarded by the company Si.Mobil with EUR 5,000 worth of products and services, is the project BrightLes, or BrightWood in English. A lucky winner was also selected among those who voted for the project, and was rewarded with 6-months’ use of a Fiat 500c leased by the competition partner Veit Team.

The competition organiser, KD Funds, together with its partners and the 8-member jury has for the second consecutive year motivated Slovenia to think in terms of inspiring projects, set daring goals and create great teams. Luka Podlogar, the President of the Management Board, commented upon the announcement of the competition winner: “We at KD Funds are aware of our engagement with the local and global environment. We know that in addition to doing responsible business, taking up activities in the field of corporate responsibility is our obligation. We wish to co-shape the environment where bold projects expressing courage, clear goals and inspiration turn into success stories. For us, organising this competition means investing in development. And because everything is possible, we believe that the projects taking part in our competition may have the potential to become the future generators of economic growth in the region. The winners of today’s competition are aspiring researchers who believe that knowledge brings progress and that with every step they take in their projects they are pushing the boundaries of what is possible, millimetre by millimetre. Congratulations to the Calypso team!”.

The winners of the second Everything=Possible! competition are students from the Gimnazija Vič secondary school. For three years they have been working on a submarine that will make it possible to explore the very last undiscovered of our planet hiding deep below the surface of the sea. They called the submarine Calypso and sent it out to explore the Slovenian sea this summer. After the successful trial, the submarine will now be moved to a new hydrodynamic shell. It is the work of 40 courageous students who spend their afternoons in the school workshop, researching, inventing and pushing the boundaries millimetre by millimetre at each session. Miha Majetič, a student representing the winning Calypso project, says: “Of course we are thrilled about the prize. Seeing how many people support us and our work gives us even more enthusiasm to keep creating. We will first complete our Calypso submarine, which we plan to launch in the Slovenian sea in March next year. And then we will go on with new technical projects. We are definitely not running out of ideas, and we are already looking forward to new challenges”.

In addition to the main prize, an extra prize was presented in the Everything=Possible! competition. The Si.Mobil jury selected their own winner of the Enterprise challenge, namely the project entitled BrightWood, and presented the young innovators with a prize of EUR 5,000 worth of products and services. The project is about an innovative wood products line that creates a synergy of wood and light.

For more information about the project, go to http://www.vsejemogoce.si/

KD Balkans Fund: a very attractive investment opportunity

The SEE markets, in which KD Funds (known locally as KD Skladi) operates, are classified as frontier markets and as such can be inefficient. Informational asymmetry, dissimilar local legislation and regulation, different languages and customs, and inefficient corporate governance are some of the issues investors are likely to face in these markets. In order to invest in this region successfully, one has to have a deep understanding and expertise of the specific local market dynamics. Throughout its 20 years of investment track record and experience in the region, KD Funds gathered a unique combination of experience, knowledge, network and local presence in the SEE region which have enabled us not only to overcome these challenges but to turn them into our advantage. We firmly believe that local presence is essential due to the diversity of regional markets. Our local investment professionals speak the local languages and have an extensive information network which is imperative when dealing with the information asymmetry in these, more or less, relationship-based markets.

Balkan prospects brighten as reforms continue

KD Skladi (KD Funds in English) is Slovenia’s foremost fund management operation. It is part of KD Group, one of the country’s largest investment, insurance, capital investments and fund management groups with over €1bn assets under management at the group level, of which around half lies within the asset management division. It also claims an impressive list of firsts in a region where investing in funds is a relatively new phenomenon. It runs the country’s oldest mutual fund KD Galileo and created Slovenia’s first fund of funds and money market fund.KD Skladi was established in 1994 as the first Slovenian asset manager. It took over the running of the Galileo fund two years later. The fund in January 2012 celebrated its twentieth anniversary with pleasing results for investors in its top-down, bottom-up flexible global portfolio. Over the fund’s lifetime, initial investors made more money than they would have tracking the MSCI World or MSCI Emerging Markets indices. Returns were higher than those of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway fund, despite the devastating effects of the financial crisis on portfolio values. Since Slovenia joined the European Union in 2004, KD Skladi has developed its investment skills and reach. It now runs 14 funds covering global, emerging, regional and country- and sector-specific remits. It has also attracted a growing number of European investors to its locally domiciled funds that specialise in South East European equities. The KD Balkans fund typifies the firm’s approach to markets in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. Some markets are already classified as emerging and well integrated with the EU. Others remain outside, either on the path to integration or remaining true frontier market status. Croatia is expected to join the EU in July this year.

Change of business address

The new address of KD Funds LLC is:

KD Skladi, d. o. o.
Dunajska cesta 63
1000 Ljubljana

The central telephone number, tax number and toll-free hotline for investors will remain unchanged.