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KD Funds a Trusted Brand for the Fifth Time in a Row

In the European Trusted Brand survey 2012 the trademark KD Funds acquired the title Trusted Brand in the category "Investment companies and management funds" in Slovenia for the fifth consecutive year. The Trusted Brand survey is organised every year...

KD MM – the best managed money market fund (three-year period)

At a ceremony held by the Moje Finance magazine, for the 2nd time the best Slovenian portfolio managers and the best mutual funds available in Slovenia (three- and five-year period) were named and awarded with »Moje Finance« stars. KD Fun...

Change of business address

KD Funds – Management Company LLC (KD Skladi, d. o. o.) changed its current business address (Celovška cesta 206, Ljubljana) as of 13 February 2012 when the change was entered in the Court Register.The new address of KD Funds LLC is: KD ...

KD Galileo – 20 years. The first Slovenian mutual fund.

KD Funds began the year 2012 with a round anniversary as the first Slovenian fund, KD Galileo, was celebrating 20 years in operation. The advisability of long-term investment in KD Galileo has been proven by the results achieved by its first investo...
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