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As the oldest management company in Slovenia, KD Funds has been actively managing equity and fixed interest securities throughout Central and South Eastern Europe for 19 years.
The firm, established in 1994 and headquartered in Ljubljana, is an innovator in the Slovenian market, managing the oldest Slovenian mutual fund KD Galileo, creating the first Slovenian fund of funds and money market fund. KD Funds has a strong reputation in the management of mutual funds and regional CEE/SEE portfolios for well-informed investors.

Why KD Funds?

  • Choice: KD Funds offers a vast choice of subfunds pursuing a variety of long-term, high-potential investment policies from which investors can select to meet their investment goals. Investors can opt for short-term, safe and stable savings in a money market fund. Alternatively, investors can establish medium and long-term savings through bond or equity funds, ranging from globally diversified fund of equity funds to equity funds with a narrower geographical or sectoral focus. The possibility to choose between the many different investment options within the KD Umbrella Fund also allows investors a better choice for diversification of their investment decisions
  • Tax and other benefits: Investors can transfer between the subfunds of the KD Umbrella Fund and therefore adapt their investment portfolio to meet their needs without having to incur a tax burden on each transfer. No subscription fees are charged when investors transfer to another subfund of the KD Umbrella Fund, although subscription fees would normally apply.
  • Tradition of investment fund management: KD Funds are based on our tradition, expertise and knowledge arising from many years of investment fund management. KD Funds are the manager of the subfund KD Galileo, Mixed Flexible Fund, which is the oldest Slovenian mutual fund.
  • Competence: The assets of the subfunds are managed by highly qualified and skilled professionals.
  • Performance: The subfunds have received many national and international awards for their management performance.
  • Easy access: You can access KD Funds products online (with online office KD Skladi.net) or visit us at our headquarters in Ljubljana, Dunajska cesta 63 (4th floor).
  • Gradual savings: investors can make regular contributions into a subfund of their choice through the savings plan products.
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Free call number 080 80 24You can call us Monday – Thursday from 8. a.m to 5. p.m. and Friday from 8. a.m to 4. p.m.

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