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KD Funds - Management Company LLC was established on 24 February 1994 under the name Kmečka družba d. d. It was the first asset management company in Slovenia and, in 1996, took over the management of Galileo, the first Slovenian mutual fund.
In 2001 the company was renamed KD Investments d. d. and in 2002 was transformed into a limited liability company called KD Investments, družba za upravljanje, d. o. o. In 2008, its name was changed once again to KD Skladi, družba za upravljanje, d. o. o., with the abbreviated company name KD Skladi, d. o. o. (in English: KD Funds - Management Company LLC, abbreviated company name: KD Funds LLC). Both the Slovenian and English names clearly express the company's principal activity, i.e. investment fund management.

Today, KD Funds is one of the leading Slovenian management companies. In the 19 years of its operation, the company has expanded its range of products to 14 subfunds operating under the KD Umbrella Fund. 
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